Why You Must Start a Business?

16 Aug. 2018

  Don’t do it! It’s too risky, it takes a lot of work, and you may fail. But what if I t

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Discipline for the Win

10 Aug. 2018

  Kids need love and it’s often shown in the most unloving ways. It is critical for parent

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Who Leaves Dog Poop on the Ground?

6 Aug. 2018

  People need to learn that their actions affect other people. So when your dog poops and yo

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Why I Cut Off the News?

31 Jul. 2018

  “You have to watch the news. How else will you know what’s going on in the world,” s

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Do You Have a Relationship Resume?

25 Jul. 2018

  So you are in a long-term relationship and after being together for a while, you’re now

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Why I Quit Social Media?

27 Jun. 2018

  How many times have you tried to quit social media? Well I quit for over a month and I fel

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Talking About Finances Can Be Fun

21 Jun. 2018

  You've got to tell your money how to act, or it will leave you high and dry. The best way

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Don’t Be a Robot! Think for Yourself

10 Jun. 2018

  You have to be able to think for yourself or be replaced by the robots which are coming.

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Why We Cut Off the TV

5 Jun. 2018

  Books are better but the television, tablets and smartphones are much more convenient. In

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The Moment I Gave Up on Credit

4 Jun. 2018

  If you lived in my world, 2008 felt like the end of the world. I experienced a lot of pain

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What I Hate About Sports

27 May. 2018

  It's hard to fulfill your purpose in life if we are constantly distracted. And the real we

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Why We Are All Crazy

24 May. 2018

  Mental illnesses affect a good percentage of United States adults. But in reality, we're a

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