Live Life With No Expectations of Others

19 Apr. 2019

  Are you in constant disappointment by what others do or don't do? Well it’s possible to

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Debt is Evil: 5 Ways to Avoid It

7 Mar. 2019

  5 ways to avoid major debt Brian Turner @brianbturner   Acquiring debt is a ne

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You Are Already There

1 Feb. 2019

  Everything you want to be you already are. Most things you lose sleep over may never happe

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Go After What You Want or Accept What You Get

14 Jan. 2019

  If you don't go after what you want, it's hard to complain. Well you can complain but that

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Having a Baby? Hire a Nanny

7 Jan. 2019

  Top 5 reasons why to hire a nanny Brian Turner @brianbturner   We must hire a na

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6 Reasons Why You Can’t Be Afraid to Do Things Alone

3 Jan. 2019

  Happiness is achieved by interacting with other human beings. Unfortunately that dependenc

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The Springs Resort & Spa at Arenal Review

21 Nov. 2018

  The Springs Resort & Spa is absolutely stunning in every possible way. There is plent

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52-Week Money Savings Challenge

17 Nov. 2018

  May the new year bring you both the promise of new happiness and a lot of new achievements

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This Blog Is About A Truck

13 Nov. 2018

  True happiness doesn't reside in owning things, it dwells in the soul. So before you think

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How to Finally Get Ahead Financially

1 Nov. 2018

  Once you experience financial freedom, you’re less stressed, you have peace of mind, and

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My Journey to Reach Nirvana

19 Oct. 2018

  “How will you do that? You don’t know anything about running that type of business,”

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9 Ways to Get Mentally Stronger

10 Oct. 2018

  We all get to a point where our mental toughness is tested. It could be a dead-end career,

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